Reviewers Enthralled with “Greater Love”

Producer says Greater Love is a world-class symphonic production, perhaps one of the most significant military themes since Julia Ward Howe penned the lyrics for The Battle Hymn of the Republic (1861) to the music of William Steffe (1855).

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The 911 Greater Love Challenge

How to organize and sing the Greater Love song at your local military homecoming, veteran's memorial, etc.

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Greater Love Lyrics, Free PDF File

Free PDF lyric sheet to help you perform live for your local military homecoming event, memorial service, or funeral. Details about recording a "cover" (your own version of Greater Love). How to save the PDF file to your local PC. Really nerdy stuff.

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Salute Our Military

Copyright © 2011 Jemimah Music. All rights reserved. There are many agencies that offer help to our brave troops. Here’s two we proudly support with links to show off their great work and...

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